The first book ever to come with a special edition video-version

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Javier Rivero-Diaz, author of How to Improve Your Economy in Less Than 7 Days.

The key points you  will receive will help you:

  • Manage your credit cards to avoid any kind of financial issues
  • Little ‘tricks’ to help you and your family live better financially
  • The little-known ‘envelop strategy’ that will help you manage your money so much better
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The 7 habits are based on years of practical research done during my teaching. It’s so gratifying to see results for so many amazing people that have come into my life because they wanted to learn and improve their financial situation. Just seeing how their lives and that of their loved ones have improved is what’s so wonderful about this. This book was made – thanks to those people.



Alejandro Sanz and Javier Rivero-Díaz


Rosa Lopez and Javier Rivero-Díaz

Media Interviews:
Aside from the success stories that appear in the book, we also have:
“Thanks to the tips I picked up from the book I’m now managing to save 10,000 euros per year”
Ivan Rodriguez, Taxi Driver
“In just one month my income went up 30%.”
Xavi García, ceo de Soph20
descubre como ahorrar y mejorar tu economia

Robert Kiyosaki and Javier

Will Smith and Javier

Javier Rivero-Díaz is a business school lecturer and professor. Several years ago he found himself in a terrible financial situation with zero euros in his bank account.

Having to learn how to overcome that situation motivated him to develop a training course to help other people and organizations who find themselves in similar situations. Based on the course’s success with hundreds of people in the US, Europe and other countries, Javier decided to develop a book to make his teachings available to everyone. This is the first book ever with a video-version, where the author speaks directly to the reader.